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MINOS Outreach Materials

These materials . . . .

have been developed for public tours of the MINOS experiment, both at Fermilab and Soudan. Collaborators are free to duplicate them for their own local use, but they must be used as they are, and images cannot be modified.

Posters at FNAL

Designed as large format, 48" x 36", hung vertically

  • Poster 1
    Lots of questions about neutrinos
  • Poster 2
    History of neutrino discoveries, timeline
  • Poster 3
    A description of neutrino oscillations
  • Poster 4
    How to make a beam of neutrinos
  • Poster 5
    About Soudan
  • Poster 6
    About the MINOS detector

Brochure for use at the Soudan State Park

These 4 pages in this PDF file will become a folded brochure for use at Soudan


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