Todo List

Member NC::CoordinateConverter::CoordNDimFromOscPars (const OscProb::OscPars *pars) const

Doesn't handle systematic parameters, so care must be taken when using the returned coordinate.

Member NC::Fitter::CoordBase::CoordBase (T x, T y)
Inconsistent with std::vector constructor

Member NC::Fitter::ICallableND::EvalAtEx (const CoordNDim &r, CoordNDim *ret) const =0
Rename to just EvalAt

Class NC::SpectrumInterpolatorFancy
Try multiplying up by all the weights, so that, instead of the weight going infinite, it goes to zero on all the other terms. This should prevent divide-by-zero but we may still have problems with the matrix being non-invertible.

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