VldTimeStamp Member List

This is the complete list of members for VldTimeStamp, including all inherited members.
Add(const VldTimeStamp &offset)VldTimeStamp
Add(Double_t seconds)VldTimeStamp
AsString(Option_t *option="") const VldTimeStamp
Copy(VldTimeStamp &vldts) const VldTimeStamp
DumpTMStruct(const tm_t &tmstruct)VldTimeStamp [static]
fNanoSecVldTimeStamp [private]
fSecVldTimeStamp [private]
GetBOT()VldTimeStamp [static]
GetDate(Bool_t inUTC=kTRUE, Int_t secOffset=0, UInt_t *year=0, UInt_t *month=0, UInt_t *day=0) const VldTimeStamp
GetEOT()VldTimeStamp [static]
GetNanoSec(void) const VldTimeStamp [inline]
GetNBOT()VldTimeStamp [static]
GetSec(void) const VldTimeStamp [inline]
GetSeconds(void) const VldTimeStamp [inline]
GetTime(Bool_t inUTC=kTRUE, Int_t secOffset=0, UInt_t *hour=0, UInt_t *min=0, UInt_t *sec=0) const VldTimeStamp
GetTimeSpec() const VldTimeStamp [inline]
GetZoneOffset()VldTimeStamp [static]
IsLeapYear(Int_t year)VldTimeStamp [static]
MktimeFromUTC(tm_t *tmstruct)VldTimeStamp [static]
NormalizeNanoSec()VldTimeStamp [private]
operator double() const VldTimeStamp [inline]
operator!=(const VldTimeStamp &lhs, const VldTimeStamp &rhs)VldTimeStamp [friend]
operator-(const VldTimeStamp &lhs, const VldTimeStamp &rhs)VldTimeStamp [friend]
operator<(const VldTimeStamp &lhs, const VldTimeStamp &rhs)VldTimeStamp [friend]
operator<=(const VldTimeStamp &lhs, const VldTimeStamp &rhs)VldTimeStamp [friend]
operator=(const VldTimeStamp &source)VldTimeStamp [inline]
operator==(const VldTimeStamp &lhs, const VldTimeStamp &rhs)VldTimeStamp [friend]
operator>(const VldTimeStamp &lhs, const VldTimeStamp &rhs)VldTimeStamp [friend]
operator>=(const VldTimeStamp &lhs, const VldTimeStamp &rhs)VldTimeStamp [friend]
Print(Option_t *option="") const VldTimeStamp
Set()VldTimeStamp [private]
Set(Int_t year, Int_t month, Int_t day, Int_t hour, Int_t min, Int_t sec, Int_t nsec, Bool_t isUTC, Int_t secOffset)VldTimeStamp [private]
Set(Int_t date, Int_t time, Int_t nsec, Bool_t isUTC, Int_t secOffset)VldTimeStamp [private]
VldTimeStamp(const VldTimeStamp &source)VldTimeStamp [inline]
VldTimeStamp(const timespec_t &ts)VldTimeStamp [inline]
VldTimeStamp(const time_t &t, const Int_t nsec)VldTimeStamp [inline]
VldTimeStamp(UInt_t year, UInt_t month, UInt_t day, UInt_t hour, UInt_t min, UInt_t sec, UInt_t nsec=0, Bool_t isUTC=kTRUE, Int_t secOffset=0)VldTimeStamp
VldTimeStamp(UInt_t date, UInt_t time, UInt_t nsec, Bool_t isUTC=kTRUE, Int_t secOffset=0)VldTimeStamp
VldTimeStamp(Double_t seconds)VldTimeStamp [inline]
~VldTimeStamp()VldTimeStamp [virtual]

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