UgliGeomABC Member List

This is the complete list of members for UgliGeomABC, including all inherited members.
Draw(Option_t *="")UgliGeomABC [inline, virtual]
GetHallExtentMax() const =0UgliGeomABC [pure virtual]
GetHallExtentMin() const =0UgliGeomABC [pure virtual]
GetPlaneIdFromZ(Double_t z) const =0UgliGeomABC [pure virtual]
GetTransverseExtent(PlaneView::PlaneView_t view, Float_t &tmin, Float_t &tmax) const =0UgliGeomABC [pure virtual]
GetVldRange() const =0UgliGeomABC [pure virtual]
GetZExtent(Float_t &zmin, Float_t &zmax, Int_t isuper=-1) const =0UgliGeomABC [pure virtual]
ls(Option_t *="rsn5") const UgliGeomABC [inline, virtual]
Print(Option_t *="") const UgliGeomABC [inline, virtual]
UgliGeomABC()UgliGeomABC [inline, protected]
~UgliGeomABC()UgliGeomABC [inline, protected, virtual]

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