TrackSegmentMakerDummy Class Reference

#include <TrackSegmentMakerDummy.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void Config (const AlgConfig &)
virtual Int_t MakeSegments (const TrackContext &trackContext, std::vector< TrackContext > &segments) const

Detailed Description

A dummy segment maker that does not do anything, just returns a vector of one segment that coincides with the whole track.


Definition at line 15 of file TrackSegmentMakerDummy.h.

Member Function Documentation

void TrackSegmentMakerDummy::Config ( const AlgConfig  )  [virtual]

configure filter using given AlgConfig

read configuration parameters from AlgConfig

Implements TrackSegmentMaker.

Definition at line 27 of file TrackSegmentMakerDummy.cxx.

00028 {
00029 }

Int_t TrackSegmentMakerDummy::MakeSegments ( const TrackContext trackContext,
std::vector< TrackContext > &  segments 
) const [virtual]

put the trackContext in a vector - ie produce a segment equal to the track itself. never fails.

Implements TrackSegmentMaker.

Definition at line 17 of file TrackSegmentMakerDummy.cxx.

00019 {
00020     segments.push_back(trackContext);
00021     return 0;
00022 }

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