RatioPlot Member List

This is the complete list of members for RatioPlot, including all inherited members.
AddOtherSpectrum(const TH1D *s)RatioPlot [inline]
Draw()RatioPlot [inline]
fBackgroundRatioPlot [protected]
fDataRatioPlot [protected]
fFitRatioPlot [protected]
fNominalRatioPlot [protected]
fOthersRatioPlot [protected]
fRatioMaxRatioPlot [protected]
fSpectrumMaxRatioPlot [protected]
fTitleRatioPlot [protected]
RatioPlot(TString title, const TH1D *nom, const TH1D *dat, const TH1D *fit, const TH1D *bkg, bool rebin=false)RatioPlot [inline]
SetRatioMax(double m)RatioPlot [inline]
SetSpectrumMax(double m)RatioPlot [inline]

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