OscFit::Data Member List

This is the complete list of members for OscFit::Data, including all inherited members.
AddFile(const char *)OscFit::Data [inline, virtual]
BuildEvent(int)OscFit::Data [inline, virtual]
Data(RunType_t runtype, Sample_t sample, OscType_t osctype)OscFit::Data
fEventOscFit::Data [protected]
fOscTypeOscFit::Data [protected]
fRunTypeOscFit::Data [protected]
fSampleOscFit::Data [protected]
GetEvent(int n)OscFit::Data [inline]
GetNumEvents()OscFit::Data [inline, virtual]
GetOscType()OscFit::Data [inline]
GetRunType()OscFit::Data [inline]
GetSample()OscFit::Data [inline]
Reset()OscFit::Data [inline, virtual]
~Data()OscFit::Data [virtual]

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