NuHistInterpolator Member List

This is the complete list of members for NuHistInterpolator, including all inherited members.
ApplyShiftTo(const TH1D &spectrumToShift, const Double_t shift) const NuHistInterpolator [virtual]
fPoTNuHistInterpolator [private]
fSpectraNuHistInterpolator [private]
NuHistInterpolator()NuHistInterpolator [inline]
NuHistInterpolator(Double_t pot)NuHistInterpolator [inline]
PoT() const NuHistInterpolator [inline, virtual]
ProvideSpectrum(const Double_t shift) const NuHistInterpolator [virtual]
push_back(const Double_t shift, const TH1D &spectrum, const Double_t pot)NuHistInterpolator [virtual]
push_back(const Double_t shift, const TH1D &spectrum)NuHistInterpolator [virtual]
~NuHistInterpolator()NuHistInterpolator [inline, virtual]

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