NuCutImps::NSI2011Fhc Class Reference

#include <NuCutImps.h>

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Public Member Functions

 NSI2011Fhc (const NuPlots *plots=0)
Bool_t InFidVol (const NuEvent &nu) const
void Preselection (const NuEvent &nu)
void Selection (const NuEvent &nu)

Private Attributes

Preselection2010 fPreselection2010
CC0720Std fCC0720Std

Detailed Description

Definition at line 482 of file NuCutImps.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NuCutImps::NSI2011Fhc::NSI2011Fhc ( const NuPlots plots = 0  ) 

NSI FHC Selection ////////////////////////////////////////////////

Definition at line 2896 of file NuCutImps.cxx.

References NuCuts::kNSI2011Fhc, NuCut::SetAnaVersion(), and NuCut::SetFidVol().

02896                                              :
02897     NuCut("NSI2011Fhc", plots)
02898   {
02899     SetFidVol("cc2008");
02900     SetAnaVersion(NuCuts::kNSI2011Fhc);
02901   }

Member Function Documentation

Bool_t NuCutImps::NSI2011Fhc::InFidVol ( const NuEvent nu  )  const [virtual]

Fiducial volume calculation function. This is the basic 'infid' derived version, and should be overridden/passed to for any more complicated evaluations.

Reimplemented from NuCut.

Definition at line 2903 of file NuCutImps.cxx.

References fCC0720Std, and NuCutImps::CC0720Std::InFidVol().

02904   {
02905     return fCC0720Std.InFidVol(nu);
02906   }

void NuCutImps::NSI2011Fhc::Preselection ( const NuEvent nu  )  [virtual]

Implements NuCut.

Definition at line 2908 of file NuCutImps.cxx.

References NuCut::Defer_Preselection(), and fCC0720Std.

02909   {
02910     Defer_Preselection(fCC0720Std, nu);
02911   }

void NuCutImps::NSI2011Fhc::Selection ( const NuEvent nu  )  [virtual]

Implements NuCut.

Definition at line 2913 of file NuCutImps.cxx.

References NuCut::Defer_Selection(), and fCC0720Std.

02914   {
02915     Defer_Selection(fCC0720Std, nu);
02916   }

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 493 of file NuCutImps.h.

Referenced by InFidVol(), Preselection(), and Selection().

Definition at line 492 of file NuCutImps.h.

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