NuCutImps::CC0720Std Member List

This is the complete list of members for NuCutImps::CC0720Std, including all inherited members.
AnaVersion(void) const NuCut [inline]
AnaVersionHash(const TString name)NuCut [protected]
CC0720Std(const NuPlots *plots=0)NuCutImps::CC0720Std
Cut_Data_If(Bool_t condition, const NuEvent &nu, const TString &name)NuCut [protected]
Cut_If(Bool_t condition, const TString &name)NuCut [protected]
Defer_Preselection(NuCut &tocut, const NuEvent &nu)NuCut [protected, virtual]
Defer_Selection(NuCut &tocut, const NuEvent &nu)NuCut [protected, virtual]
Failed(void) const NuCut [inline]
Failed(const TString &cutname) const NuCut [inline]
fFidVolNuCut [protected]
fPlotsNuCut [protected]
fPreselection2010NuCutImps::CC0720Std [private]
fSelNameNuCut [protected]
GetName() const NuCut [inline, virtual]
InFidVol(const NuEvent &nu) const NuCutImps::CC0720Std [virtual]
InFidVolEvt(const NuEvent &nu) const NuCut [virtual]
InFidVolTrueEvt(const NuMCEvent &mc) const NuCut [virtual]
InFidVolTrueEvt(const NuEvent &nu) const NuCut [virtual]
IsGoodPID(const NuEvent &nu)NuCutImps::CC0720Std [static]
Keep_Data_If(Bool_t condition, const NuEvent &nu, const TString &name)NuCut [protected]
Keep_If(Bool_t condition, const TString &name)NuCut [protected]
MakeCuts(const NuEvent &nu)NuCut [virtual]
MakePreselectionCuts(const NuEvent &nu)NuCut [virtual]
MakeSelectionCuts(const NuEvent &nu)NuCut [virtual]
NuCut(TString name, const NuPlots *plots=0)NuCut
Passed(void) const NuCut [inline]
Passed(const TString &cutname) const NuCut
PassedExcept(const TString &cutname) const NuCut
PassedUpTo(const TString &cutname) const NuCut
Preselection(const NuEvent &nu)NuCutImps::CC0720Std [virtual]
PrintCurrent(void) const NuCut [virtual]
PrintNMinusOneSummary()NuCut [virtual]
PrintSummary(void)NuCut [virtual]
SafeToReturn(void)NuCut [inline, protected]
Selection(const NuEvent &nu)NuCutImps::CC0720Std [virtual]
SetAnaVersion(Int_t anaVersion)NuCut [inline, protected]
SetFidVol(const TString &fidvol="")NuCut
~NuCut()NuCut [virtual]

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