NC::Fitter::ICallableND Class Reference

Interface to a general function in many dimensions. More...

#include <NCFitterTypes.h>

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NC::Fitter::ConstrainRange NC::Fitter::FixVars NC::Fitter::FuncCache NC::Fitter::Penalizer NC::GetChiSqrFromDerived

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Public Member Functions

 ICallableND ()
virtual ~ICallableND ()
virtual double EvalAtEx (const CoordNDim &r, CoordNDim *ret) const =0
 Find the value of the function and return additional information.

Detailed Description

Interface to a general function in many dimensions.

You must implement EvalAtEx

If one is not implemented, then it automatically redirects to the other

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NC::Fitter::ICallableND::ICallableND (  )  [inline]

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00083 {}

virtual NC::Fitter::ICallableND::~ICallableND (  )  [inline, virtual]

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00084 {} // shut gcc up

Member Function Documentation

virtual double NC::Fitter::ICallableND::EvalAtEx ( const CoordNDim r,
CoordNDim ret 
) const [pure virtual]

Find the value of the function and return additional information.

r Coordinate at which to evaluate the function
[out] ret Return additional information. By convention, the true underlying coordinates evaluated.
Value of the function at the point r

Implementations must be prepared for ret to be null

Rename to just EvalAt

Implemented in NC::GetChiSqrFromDerived, NC::Fitter::ConstrainRange, NC::Fitter::Penalizer, NC::Fitter::FuncCache, and NC::Fitter::FixVars.

Referenced by NC::Fitter::MarginalizeHybrid::AlreadyAtMinimum(), NC::Fitter::Discretizer::EvalAt(), NC::Fitter::FuncCache::EvalAtEx(), NC::Fitter::Penalizer::EvalAtEx(), NC::Fitter::ConstrainRange::EvalAtEx(), NC::Fitter::FixVars::EvalAtEx(), NC::Fitter::MinFinderSimple::FindMin(), NC::Fitter::Make2DSlices(), and NC::Fitter::MakeSlices().

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