NCParameter Member List

This is the complete list of members for NCParameter, including all inherited members.
fLatexNameNCParameter [protected]
fLogMaxNCParameter [protected]
fLogMinNCParameter [protected]
fLogScaleNCParameter [protected]
fMaxNCParameter [protected]
fMinNCParameter [protected]
fPrecNCParameter [protected]
fShortNameNCParameter [protected]
fStepsNCParameter [protected]
fUseLimitsNCParameter [protected]
LatexName() const NCParameter [inline]
Max() const NCParameter [inline]
Min() const NCParameter [inline]
NCParameter()NCParameter [inline]
NCParameter(std::string shortName, std::string latexName, double min, double max, double prec, bool useLimits, bool logScale=false)NCParameter
Precision() const NCParameter [inline]
Rename(std::string shortName, std::string latexName)NCParameter
SetPrecision(double prec)NCParameter
SetRange(double min, double max)NCParameter
ShortName() const NCParameter [inline]
StepFromVal(double val) const NCParameter
Steps() const NCParameter [inline]
UseLimits() const NCParameter [inline]
ValFromStep(int step) const NCParameter
ValFromStep(double step) const NCParameter

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