MCEventInfo Class Reference

#include <MCEventInfo.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MCEventInfo ()
 ~MCEventInfo ()
void UseStoredXSec (Bool_t)
void ClearValues ()

Public Attributes

Double_t nuE
Double_t nuPx
Double_t nuPy
Double_t nuPz
Double_t tarE
Double_t tarPx
Double_t tarPy
Double_t tarPz
Double_t x
Double_t y
Double_t q2
Double_t w2
Int_t iaction
Int_t inu
Int_t iresonance
Int_t initial_state
Int_t nucleus
Int_t had_fs
Bool_t useStdXSec
Double_t stdXSec

Detailed Description

Definition at line 5 of file MCEventInfo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MCEventInfo::MCEventInfo (  ) 

Definition at line 3 of file MCEventInfo.cxx.

References useStdXSec.

00003                          : nuE(0),nuPx(0),nuPy(0),nuPz(0),
00004                              tarE(0),tarPx(0),tarPy(0),tarPz(0),
00005                              x(0),y(0),iresonance(0),initial_state(0),
00006                              nucleus(0),had_fs(0),stdXSec(0)
00007 {
00008   useStdXSec = false;
00009 }

MCEventInfo::~MCEventInfo (  ) 

Definition at line 11 of file MCEventInfo.cxx.

00012 {
00013 }

Member Function Documentation

void MCEventInfo::ClearValues (  ) 

Definition at line 20 of file MCEventInfo.cxx.

References had_fs, initial_state, iresonance, nuE, nuPx, nuPy, nuPz, stdXSec, tarE, tarPx, tarPy, tarPz, x, and y.

00021 {
00023   nuE=0; nuPx=0; nuPy=0; nuPz=0;
00024   tarE=0; tarPx=0; tarPy=0; tarPz=0; 
00025   x=0; y=0; iresonance=0; initial_state=0; 
00026   nucleus=0; had_fs=0; stdXSec=0;
00028 }

void MCEventInfo::UseStoredXSec ( Bool_t  use  ) 

Member Data Documentation

Double_t MCEventInfo::nuE
Double_t MCEventInfo::q2

Definition at line 37 of file MCEventInfo.h.

Referenced by NeugenWeightCalculator::GetWeight(), MCEventInfo(), and UseStoredXSec().

Double_t MCEventInfo::w2
Double_t MCEventInfo::x
Double_t MCEventInfo::y

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