DbiFieldType Member List

This is the complete list of members for DbiFieldType, including all inherited members.
AsSQLString(Dbi::DbTypes dbType=Dbi::kMySQL) const DbiFieldType
AsString() const DbiFieldType
DbiFieldType(Int_t type=Dbi::kInt)DbiFieldType
DbiFieldType(Int_t type, Int_t size, const char *typeName)DbiFieldType
DbiFieldType(const DbiFieldType &from)DbiFieldType
DbiFieldType(const string &sql, Int_t size)DbiFieldType
fConceptDbiFieldType [private]
fSizeDbiFieldType [private]
fTypeDbiFieldType [private]
GetConcept() const DbiFieldType [inline]
GetSize() const DbiFieldType [inline]
GetType() const DbiFieldType [inline]
Init(Int_t type, Int_t size=-1)DbiFieldType [private]
IsCompatible(const DbiFieldType &other) const DbiFieldType
IsEqual(const DbiFieldType &other) const DbiFieldType [inline]
IsSigned() const DbiFieldType [inline]
IsSmaller(const DbiFieldType &other) const DbiFieldType [inline]
kMaxChar enum valueDbiFieldType
kMaxInt enum valueDbiFieldType
kMaxMySQLText enum valueDbiFieldType
kMaxMySQLVarchar enum valueDbiFieldType
kMaxOracleFloat enum valueDbiFieldType
kMaxOracleVarchar enum valueDbiFieldType
kMaxSmallInt enum valueDbiFieldType
kMaxTinyInt enum valueDbiFieldType
PrecisionLimits enum nameDbiFieldType
SetUnsigned()DbiFieldType [inline]
UndefinedValue() const DbiFieldType
~DbiFieldType()DbiFieldType [virtual]

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