DbiCache Member List

This is the complete list of members for DbiCache, including all inherited members.
Adopt(DbiResult *res, bool registerKey=true)DbiCache
DbiCache(DbiTableProxy &qp, const string &tableName)DbiCache
DbiCache(const DbiCache &)DbiCache [private]
DbiValidate classDbiCache [friend]
fCacheDbiCache [private]
fCurSizeDbiCache [mutable, private]
fMaxSizeDbiCache [mutable, private]
fNumAdoptedDbiCache [mutable, private]
fNumReusedDbiCache [mutable, private]
fTableNameDbiCache [private]
fTableProxyDbiCache [private]
GetCurSize() const DbiCache [inline]
GetMaxSize() const DbiCache [inline]
GetNumAdopted() const DbiCache [inline]
GetNumReused() const DbiCache [inline]
GetSubCache(Int_t aggNo) const DbiCache [private]
operator=(const DbiCache &)DbiCache [private]
Purge(ResultList_t &subCache, const DbiResult *res=0)DbiCache [private]
ResultList_t typedefDbiCache
Search(const VldContext &vc, const Dbi::Task &task) const DbiCache
Search(const string &sqlQualifiers) const DbiCache
Search(const DbiValidityRec &vr, const string &sqlQualifiers="") const DbiCache
ShowStatistics(MsgStream &msg) const DbiCache
~DbiCache()DbiCache [virtual]

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