DataFT Member List

This is the complete list of members for DataFT, including all inherited members.
at(PlaneDataVec_t::size_type index)DataFT [inline]
at(PlaneDataVec_t::size_type index) const DataFT [inline]
BGETTER typedefDataFT [private]
Config(const AlgConfig &)DataFT
Count_t typedefDataFT
CSH typedefDataFT [private]
CSHItr typedefDataFT [private]
CSHPtr typedefDataFT [private]
DataFT(const AlgConfig &ac, const TrackContext &tc)DataFT
DumpTrack() const DataFT
fDirDataFT [private]
fGeoDataFT [private]
FGETTER typedefDataFT [private]
Fill(const TrackContext &)DataFT
FillUArrays(Double_t zu[], Double_t u[], Int_t n)DataFT
FillVArrays(Double_t zv[], Double_t v[], Int_t n)DataFT
FillVectorC(TMatrixD &vC) const DataFT
FillVectorCF(TMatrixD &vC) const DataFT
FillVectorRes(TMatrixD &vRes, PlaneData::Data_t cdata=1., PlaneData::Data_t ctrack=-1.) const DataFT
fInitialTrackDataFT [private]
fMinStripChargeDataFT [private]
fNHitsInViewMinDataFT [private]
fNPlanesUsedDataFT [private]
fPlanesDataFT [private]
fSetLPosDataFT [private]
FSETTER typedefDataFT [private]
fUHitUseDataFT [private]
fUseGeoSwimmerDataFT [private]
fVHitUseDataFT [private]
fZVtxDataFT [private]
GetBegHit() const DataFT
GetBegHitUsed() const DataFT
GetBegPlaneId() const DataFT [inline]
GetCos(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetDudz(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetDudzlin(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetDvdz(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetDvdzlin(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetdZSteel(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetEMCharge() const DataFT
GetEndHit() const DataFT
GetEndHitUsed() const DataFT
GetEndPlaneId() const DataFT [inline]
GetInvP(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetNHits() const DataFT
GetNHitsUsed() const DataFT
GetNPlanes() const DataFT [inline]
GetNPlanesMin(Count_t nhitsperview) const DataFT
GetNPlanesPCut(PlaneData::Data_t pcut) const DataFT
GetNPlanesUsed() const DataFT [inline]
GetNUHits() const DataFT
GetNUHitsUsed() const DataFT
GetNUPlanes() const DataFT
GetNVHits() const DataFT
GetNVHitsUsed() const DataFT
GetNVPlanes() const DataFT
GetP(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetPlane(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetPlaneId(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetR(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetS(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetSigmaU(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetSigmaV(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetTrack() const DataFT [inline]
GetU(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetUf(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetUHitUse() const DataFT [inline]
GetUlin(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetUMean() const DataFT
GetV(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetVf(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetVHitUse() const DataFT [inline]
GetVlin(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetVMean() const DataFT
GetX0(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetZ(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
GetZdir() const DataFT [inline]
GetZVtx() const DataFT [inline]
Init(const TrackContext &)DataFT
IsHitU(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
IsHitV(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
Mask_t typedefDataFT
OneStripPlane(Count_t i, StripMapItr it, const CandTrackHandle *cth)DataFT
PlaneDataCItr typedefDataFT [private]
PlaneDataCRItr typedefDataFT [private]
PlaneDataItr typedefDataFT [private]
PlaneDataVec_t typedefDataFT [private]
PrintData() const DataFT
PrintMomenta() const DataFT
SetCos(Count_t i, PlaneData::Data_t cos)DataFT [inline]
SetDudz(Count_t i, PlaneData::Data_t dudz)DataFT [inline]
SetDudzlin(Count_t i, PlaneData::Data_t dudzlin)DataFT [inline]
SetDvdz(Count_t i, PlaneData::Data_t dvdz)DataFT [inline]
SetDvdzlin(Count_t i, PlaneData::Data_t dvdzlin)DataFT [inline]
SetdZSteel(Count_t i, PlaneData::Data_t dz)DataFT [inline]
SetHitCoords(Count_t planeIndex, PlaneData::Data_t tpos, PlaneData::Data_t error)DataFT
SetInitial(const TVectorD &inittrack)DataFT
SetInitial(const TVectorD &inittrack, Count_t nplanesuse, SwimSwimmer &swimmer)DataFT
SetInvP(Count_t i, PlaneData::Data_t invp)DataFT [inline]
SetNPlanesUsed(Count_t n)DataFT
SetPlane(Count_t i, PlexPlaneId plane)DataFT [inline]
SetR(Count_t i, PlaneData::Data_t r)DataFT [inline]
SetS(Count_t i, PlaneData::Data_t s)DataFT [inline]
SetSigmaU(Count_t i, PlaneData::Data_t eu)DataFT [inline]
SetSigmaV(Count_t i, PlaneData::Data_t ev)DataFT [inline]
SetU(Count_t i, PlaneData::Data_t u)DataFT [inline]
SetUf(Count_t i, PlaneData::Data_t uf)DataFT [inline]
SetUHit(Count_t i)DataFT [inline]
SetUHitUse(const ViewMask_t &usehitu)DataFT [inline]
SetUHitUse(Count_t i)DataFT [inline]
SetUlin(Count_t i, PlaneData::Data_t ulin)DataFT [inline]
SetV(Count_t i, PlaneData::Data_t v)DataFT [inline]
SetVf(Count_t i, PlaneData::Data_t vf)DataFT [inline]
SetVHit(Count_t i)DataFT [inline]
SetVHitUse(const ViewMask_t &usehitv)DataFT [inline]
SetVHitUse(Count_t i)DataFT [inline]
SetVlin(Count_t i, PlaneData::Data_t vlin)DataFT [inline]
SetX0(Count_t i, PlaneData::Data_t x0)DataFT [inline]
SetZ(Count_t i, PlaneData::Data_t z)DataFT [inline]
StripMap typedefDataFT [private]
StripMapItr typedefDataFT [private]
SwimAsSwimmer(SwimSwimmer &swimmer)DataFT
SwimAsSwimmer(Count_t nplanes, SwimSwimmer &swimmer)DataFT
T(Count_t i, Count_t n) const DataFT
ThetaMCS(Count_t i) const DataFT
TwoStripPlane(Count_t i, StripMapItr lower, StripMapItr upper, const CandTrackHandle *cth)DataFT
UHitUse(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
UnsetUHit(Count_t i)DataFT [inline]
UnsetUHitUse(Count_t i)DataFT [inline]
UnsetVHit(Count_t i)DataFT [inline]
UnsetVHitUse(Count_t i)DataFT [inline]
VHitUse(Count_t i) const DataFT [inline]
ViewMask_t typedefDataFT

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