AlgFactory Member List

This is the complete list of members for AlgFactory, including all inherited members.
AlgFactory()AlgFactory [private]
AlgFactory(const AlgFactory &)AlgFactory [private]
CleanerAlgFactory [friend]
fAlgHandleListAlgFactory [private]
fConfigRecordIsModifiedAlgFactory [private]
fsTheInstanceAlgFactory [private, static]
GetAlgHandle(const char *algnm, const char *cnfnm)AlgFactory
GetInstance()AlgFactory [static]
GetOwnedConfigRecord(const VldContext *vld)AlgFactory
operator=(const AlgFactory &)AlgFactory [private]
Register(const char *algnm, const char *cnfnm, const char *libnm=0, const char *cclnm=0)AlgFactory
~AlgFactory()AlgFactory [private, virtual]

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