ANtpTruthInfoBeam Class Reference

#include <ANtpTruthInfoBeam.h>

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ANtpTruthInfo ANtpTruthInfoBeamNue

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Public Member Functions

 ANtpTruthInfoBeam ()
virtual ~ANtpTruthInfoBeam ()
void Reset ()

Public Attributes

Float_t nonOscNuEnergy
Float_t nonOscNuDCosX
Float_t nonOscNuDCosY
Float_t nonOscNuDCosZ
Int_t nonOscNuFlavor
Int_t resonanceCode
Int_t initialState
Float_t atomicWeight
Float_t atomicNumber
Float_t bjorkenX
Float_t q2
Float_t w2
Float_t sigma
Int_t hadronicFinalState
Float_t emShowerFraction
Float_t parentX
Float_t parentY
Float_t parentZ
Float_t parentPX
Float_t parentPY
Float_t parentPZ
Int_t parentPID
Int_t parentGen
Float_t targetExitX
Float_t targetExitY
Float_t targetExitZ
Float_t targetParentPX
Float_t targetParentPY
Float_t targetParentPZ
Int_t targetParentType
Float_t trueVisibleE
Float_t eventCompleteness

Detailed Description

Definition at line 13 of file ANtpTruthInfoBeam.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ANtpTruthInfoBeam::ANtpTruthInfoBeam (  ) 
ANtpTruthInfoBeam::~ANtpTruthInfoBeam (  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 61 of file ANtpTruthInfoBeam.cxx.

References Msg::kDebug, and MSG.

00062 {
00064   MSG("ANtpTruthInfoBeam", Msg::kDebug) << "ANtpTruthInfoBeam::Destructor" << endl;
00066 }

Member Function Documentation

void ANtpTruthInfoBeam::Reset (  ) 

Reimplemented from ANtpTruthInfo.

Reimplemented in ANtpTruthInfoBeamNue.

Definition at line 69 of file ANtpTruthInfoBeam.cxx.

References atomicNumber, atomicWeight, bjorkenX, emShowerFraction, eventCompleteness, hadronicFinalState, initialState, ANtpDefaultValue::kFloat, ANtpDefaultValue::kInt, nonOscNuDCosX, nonOscNuDCosY, nonOscNuDCosZ, nonOscNuEnergy, nonOscNuFlavor, parentGen, parentPID, parentPX, parentPY, parentPZ, parentX, parentY, parentZ, q2, resonanceCode, sigma, targetExitX, targetExitY, targetExitZ, targetParentPX, targetParentPY, targetParentPZ, targetParentType, trueVisibleE, and w2.

Referenced by MadAnalysis::CreateANtpPAN(), NuExtraction::ExtractNCInfo(), ANtpInfoObjectFillerMRCC::FillEventInformationHelper(), ANtpInfoObjectFillerNC::FillMCInformation(), and CondensedNtpModuleNC::ResetTreeVariables().

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