RunInfoDB.h File Reference

#include "Validity/VldContext.h"

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namespace  DataUtil


void DataUtil::GetRunNumber (VldContext context, Int_t &run, Int_t &subrun)
void DataUtil::GetRunTimes (Detector::Detector_t detector, Int_t run, Int_t subrun, VldTimeStamp &startTime, VldTimeStamp &endTime)
void DataUtil::GetRunTimes (Detector::Detector_t detector, Int_t run, VldTimeStamp &startTime, VldTimeStamp &endTime)
VldTimeStamp DataUtil::GetStartTime (Detector::Detector_t detector, Int_t run, Int_t subrun=-1)
VldTimeStamp DataUtil::GetEndTime (Detector::Detector_t detector, Int_t run, Int_t subrun=-1)
Int_t DataUtil::GetRun (VldContext context)
Int_t DataUtil::GetSubRun (VldContext context)

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