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The following may be needed if not using CINT Shortcuts #include "TObject.h"


TObject is the primordial class of ROOT. It acts as an interface across which services are provided both within the subsystems of ROOT, and more importantly here, between ROOT and the user. It allows ROOT to act as a framework, which is sometimes contrasted with a package library by saying: "Don't call us, we'll call you!". In other words the compiled ROOT code can interact with user objects passing messages in both directions even though the designers of ROOT have, of course, no idea of the user code! It is possible to create TObject objects, that is to say that TObject is not an abstract base class although user code rarely needs to deal directly with such low-level objects. For more information about classes whose primary function is to act as an interface see Concepts: Interfaces & Abstract Classes.

The interfaces that are most important to the new user, for any class that inherits from TObject, are:-

Example Use in MINFast

MINFast does not directly use TObjects although there are many examples of TObject pointers being converted to MINOS Class pointers - a sure sign of services flowing from ROOT into user code.

For more information see:-

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