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This page provides a links to a series of Overviews that serve 3 purposes:-

  1. To provide the essential concepts of the key elements of our software and support tools plus, where appropriate, additional information allowing novice users to put theory into practise.
  2. As an index into our documentation on the 3 click principle:-
    1. Click the required topic link on the table of contents below to move down the page to a section on that topic.
    2. Click the appropriate subtopic link to go to a separate page on the subtopic.
    3. The subtopic page starts with one or more slides followed by a Notes and Further References which should have links to all relevant WebDoc materials
    This isn't fully working yet but if you cannot get to an existing WedDoc document in 3 clicks then please email Nick West saying where you were trying to get to and where you tried looking on this page. Remember click,click,click or email Nick!
  3. As the base material for a Set of Tutorials

There is also a set of Package Overviews that are aimed specfically at people running loon jobs.

Table of Contents

  1. Background
    Looking at OO, and C++ and the tools we use to build OO programs in C++
  2. Organisation
    Who are the people involved in the off-line software and on what platforms does it run?
  3. Software Structure
    Our Monte Carlo is currently in Fortran and our reconstruction and analysis is in C++.
  4. Accessing the Repository
    How do we get the software from FNAL?
  5. Installing the Base Release
    How do we install the software for the first time?
  6. Updating the Base Release
    How do we get updates when the software changes?
  7. Running Standard Jobs
    How do we run standard jobs?
  8. Working with ROOT
    How can ROOT be used to analyse job output?
  9. The Framework
    How is the C++ code organised and what are the main services it offers?
  10. MySQL Database
    What type of database do we have and how to we manage and access it?
  11. Private Program Development
    How do we extend the functionality of our code?
  12. Public Program Development
    How do we add code to the code base?
  13. Getting Help
    Where can we find help when something goes wrong or we just want to know more?





Software Structure

Accessing the Repository

Installing the Base Release

Updating the Base Release

Running Standard Jobs

Working with ROOT

The Framework

MySQL Database

Pete Border has written a talk describing the type of database we have and how we manage and access it.

Private Program Development

Public Program Development

Getting Help

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