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Notes and Further References

Candidates are stored in CandRecords, so if you want to look at the reconstruction results the first job is to get to the CandRecords. As is explained in the The MinosObjectMap Package slide and Notes there can be more than one CandRecord, and to start with you are probably best getting the default CandRecord from MOM:- CandRecord* candrec = dynamic_cast<CandRecord*> ( mom->GetFragment("CandRecord","PrimaryCandidateRecord") ); Once you have a CandRecord, your next job is to get to get to its lists, or to be precise, handles to its lists which you do with its FindCandHandle method. This method is rather like MOM's GetFragment in that it takes two arguments:- e.g.:- CandDigitListHandle* cdlh = dynamic_cast<CandDigitListHandle*> (candrec->FindCandHandle("CandDigitListHandle","candmcdigitlist") ); will find the list of MC, perfectly demultiplexed digits.

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