MINOS Meeting Calendars

MINOS Calendars

MINOS Meetings Google Calendar
lists all regularly scheduled weekly Working Group meetings, Operations meetings, and Software meetings for some months in advance; collaboration meeting dates and major holidays are also included for planning purposes.
MINOS DocDB Calendar
sits within the DocDB - select Calendar on the DocDB Home page. This shows the meeting Events defined within the DocDB; events are generally created for MINOS meetings up to a week in advance by the meeting convenors
MINOS Analysis Google Calendar
Lists upcoming analysis milestones, blessing timelines for recent plots, and the timelines for publication review and comment periods
MINOS TOF Google Calendar
Lists TOF activities such as the expected arrival times for new hardware, hardware installation periods, specific one-time measurements, and the availability of personnel handling these at both sites.

Phone Connections

Essentially all meetings use a phone connection. Essentially all phone connections now use the ReadyTalk service as arranged by ESNet. Meeting Events entered into DocDB generally have the phone-in information included - check the DocDB Calendar (link above) to see if an Event is entered for your meeting. For information on getting your own chair-person ID for ReadyTalk, go to ESNet links.

Collaboration Meetings

The Collaboration Meeting page has the date and location of upcoming meetings, and also has links to the upcoming meeting's agenda, registration page, and travel information.

Other Information

The Long Term calendar is a list of mostly external meetings which affect our scheduling of collaboration meetings, such as NOvA and MINERvA collaboration meetings, major conferences, PAC, workshops on neutrino topics, etc.

A full list of conferences where MINOS talks may be given can be found on the Speakers Committee page.

Information on long-term Accelerator Shutdown periods can be found on the Run Coordinator page - link at left.

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