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MINOS Computing Information

Welcome to the MINOS Computing Information page. Here you will find general information on MINOS computing such as obtaining accounts on FNAL computers, getting a kerberos principal, using the batch nodes and the MINOS Linux Cluster..

Further relevant information about MINOS computing will be addded as it becomes available.

Getting your FNAL computer account
This page contains all the information you need to get your FNAL visitor ID, your account and your kerberos principal.

Retrieving data from Fermilab
This page contains instructions on retrieving data from Fermilab, both from disk and from the central mass storage system

FNAL Linux Batch using Condor
This page contains instructions on how to use Condor on the FNAL MINOS and GPFarm Nodes

MINOS Linux Cluster
This page contains general information about the MINOS Linux Cluster, including how to get an account.

MINOS Linux Cluster Node Assignments
This page documents a (incomplete) list of node assignments of the MINOS Linux Cluster

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