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Search Methods

This form is used to read the SAM database and retrieve the data run file information. The returned information can be formatted as lists of files suitable for feeding into job scripts. You have a choice of outputs: HTML or Plain Text. You can also choose what file access method you would like: DCache, pnfs or ftp.

All fields entered below are combined as a boolean AND to construct the database search.

Please note that Beam monitoring data and DCS data do not have run number or run type information associated with them. So if you do a query where for example you try to combine a search for RAW data and Beam data after a certain date then you will not get any beam data returned. You must make a separate query for the beam data.

Output Format: HTML Plain Text
File Access Method: DCache (dccp) PNFS (encp) FTP (ftp/wget)
Run Number: Start :
End :   
Time (UTC): Start :   (date format: 2003-01-01 00:00:00)
End :   
Data Tier: Selection: No Selection As Checked Reversed
Far Detector RAW Near Detector RAW Far Detector Candidate
Near Detector Candidate Far Detector Cambridge Candidate Far Detector Standard Ntuple
Near Detector Standard Ntuple Far Detector Short Ntuple Near Detector Short Ntuple
Far Detector Cambridge Ntuple Far Detector Cambridge Short Ntuple
Far Detector DCS Near Detector DCS Beam Monitoring Data
Data Stream: Selection: No Selection As Checked Reversed
Raw Data Far Cosmic Ray Data (all) Near/Far Beam Data (spill)
Near Cosmic Ray Data (cosmic)
Reconstruction Version:   (format: r1.18 note lowercase "r")
Run Type: Selection: No Selection As Checked Reversed
Current TypesCalDet TypesOld Types
va-calibrate external-trig NormalData
va-pedestal external-trig+li Pedestal
qie-calibrate null-trig ChargeInjection
qie-monitor null-trig+li Unknown
physics qie-check-cal
checkout qie-expert-data NullTrig
unknown qie-expert-raw NullTrig+LI
qie-spill NearExpertRaw
external-spill NearCalibrate
cosmic-sgate NearCheckCal
dave-reyna-test ExternalTrigger
Modifier Bits: Don't Care None Test
Modified Test AND Modified Test OR Modified
Snarls: File must have this many Snarls :

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