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MINOS Email Distribution Lists

Mail Server Distribution Lists

Hardware groups, beamline design groups, and other Working Groups within MINOS maintain email lists of collaborators working within the sub-topics. Email Distribution Lists are all maintained in the FNAL LISTSERV Mail Server system. Instructions can be found on this link.

For most of the MINOS Email Distribution Lists, only the list manager can add or remove people from their list; you won't be able to do that for yourself. A few lists have been set up so that anyone can add themselves.

Anyone can query the listserver to retrieve the membership of a given list: send an email to listserv@fnal.gov, with no subject, and containing the line review list-name, where the list-name is one of those below.

Anyone can use a list to send an email to the list members. Send the email to list_name@fnal.gov.

MINOS Email Distribution Lists - and List Managers

  • minos_authors - list of all MINOS Collaboration Scientists. The collaboration is asked to use this for dissemination of internal collaboration information
  • minos_all - list of MINOS collaborators, including engineers, technicians and other support staff, and in addition includes various people interested in MINOS but who are not collaboration members or collaboration support staff
  • minos_recon - list used by the reconstruction software working group
  • minos_software_discussion - a special list to which collaborators can post messages and retrieve prior and archived messages - Go to this Link for more information
  • minos_cc - list for participants in the CC Analysis group
  • minos_cc_core - list for participants in the CC Analysis group
  • minos_ib - list for participants in the Institutional Board
  • minos_nubar - list for participants in the NuMuBar Analysis group
  • minos_nc - list for participants in the NC Analysis group
  • minos_nue - list for participants in the Nu-e Analysis group
  • minos_calib - list for participants in calibration analyses for the detectors
  • minos_fardetector_nonosc_phys - list for participants in the Non-Oscillation Physics Analysis group
  • minos_sim - list used by the MINOS Detector simulations group
  • numi_sim - list used by the NuMI Beam simulations group
  • minos_install - list used by the MINOS Far Detector installation and integration working group
  • minos_near - list used for MINOS Near detector integration, assembly, and installation
  • minos_online - list used by the DAQ and Online software groups
  • soudan_outreach - list for the MICCO members involved in outreach at the Far Detector
  • fnal_minos - list of the FNAL staff who are MINOS collaborators
  • numi_beam - list of the physicists and engineers involved with NuMI beamline design tasks
  • minos1-users - list for users of the MINOS1 node at Fermilab

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