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Collaboration Membership

The official collaboration list (author list)

Collaboration email and addresses

Addresses & emails (plain text) are maintained by Dave Ayres. Contact him for updates or corrections.

Mail Server Email Distribution Lists

Hardware groups, Working groups, and Analysis groups within MINOS and NuMI maintain email lists of collaborators working within the sub-topics. Go to the MINOS Email Distribution Lists page for more information.

Collaboration members' personal Web pages

A listing of personal Web pages which contain MINOS information. For links to MINOS collaboration Institution Web pages, go to the Institutions Page

Graduate Student Database

This link takes you to the Graduate Student Database. If you are not logged in to the database then you will be presented with a login screen. If you need a login password then please click on the "Request Access" link. Once you are logged in then select the Grad Students link

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