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MINOS - Main Injector Neutrino Oscillation Search - is an experiment at Fermilab designed to study the phenomena known as neutrino oscillations. The experiment uses a beam of neutrino particles produced by the NuMI beamline facility - Neutrinos at the Main Injector. The beam of neutrinos is sent through the two MINOS detectors, one at Fermilab and one in the Soudan Mine in northern Minnesota. The two detectors are about 735-km apart, making what is called a "long-baseline" neutrino experiment.

The planning, design and construction of the NuMI beamline and the MINOS experiment took place between 1999 and 2004. The MINOS experiment has been operating since 2005, accumulating data, and expects to continue data collection through 2014. The photo on this page is of the completed Far Detector at the Soudan Underground Laboratory in Soudan, Minnesota. Collections of images from the construction and installation of the NuMI beamline and the MINOS detectors can be found in the photo galleries.

MINOS Far Detector at Soudan

Scientific Collaboration

The MINOS collaboration - about 110 scientists, post-docs and students at 30 institutions - performs data analyses and publishes the results. The MINOS Scientific Results page holds brief descriptions of key results, listings of all publications and theses, as well as material approved for use by those who are not members of MINOS. The Scientific Results page also holds a statement on the status of faster-than-light neutrino measurements.

About Neutrinos

The About Neutrinos Tour provides some general background - learn about neutrinos, their history, the experiments which have studied them, and how neutrinos fit into the Standard Model of particle physics. More Neutrino Sites holds links to other informative and helpful general information web sites.





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