The MINOS+ Experiment

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MINOS+ (FNAL Experiment Number E1016)

MINOS+ is a proposal to continue to expose the two MINOS detectors to the NuMI muon neutrino beam for three years starting in 2013. The medium energy setting of the NuMI beam projected for NOVA will deliver about 18x1020 protons-on-target during the first three years of operation.This will allow the MINOS Far Detector to collect more than 10,000 charged current muon neutrino events in the 4-10 GeV energy range and provide a stringent test for non-standard neutrino interactions, sterile neutrinos, extra dimensions, neutrino life-time, and perhaps more. In addition there will be more than 3,000 neutral current events which will be particularly useful in extending the sterile neutrino search range.

News and Updates

Proposal Document

The full MINOS+ proposal document can be found in MINOS docDB 7923 (password required): Proposal Document

Public Materials

MINOS+ Physics Highlights

Results for several sensitivity studies for the MINOS+ Experiment. These studies include sensitivity to sterile neutrinos, standard and non-standard neutrino oscillations, extra dimensions and non-standard interactions, and atmospheric neutrino oscillations.

Blessed Plots

A presentation containing the MINOS+ sensitivites and neutrino energy spectra can be found in MINOS docDB 9229 (password required): MINOS+ Sensitivities and Spectra. In addition, all of the plots can be found in various formats (png, eps, pdf and gif) on the Blessed Plots page, along with other plots from the proposal.