Required Training for the MINOS Underground Area

The FNAL ES&H NuMI Underground Safety class is offered every other Tuesday at 9am. It is preferable to sign up for the class in advance, but walk-ins might be accepted, if other people signed up for the class (so it is being given on that particular day) and if the class is not full.

The first time you take the training, it must be in person. The training is valid for one year. To renew your training, you can take a test online instead of sitting in the class. You do not have to wait a year to renew the training online. If you visit Fermilab infrequently, then renew whenever you are on-site, and the training is valid for a year from that renewal date. The link for the online test is reached on the same web page used to sign up for the class - follow the steps below to reach this page.

You can sign up online, for the in-person class or the online test, via the ES&H TRAIN web pages - you need to have a Fermi ID to do so. Unfortunately, you can only view these pages from an on-site IP address, either by being on-site, or by using VPN software when off-site (available from Computing Div). You can ask your collaboration Spokespersons or Run Coordinator to sign you up, if you are unable to reach the pages.

To get to the TRAIN pages following these steps - -

  • Go to the FNAL-At-Work page. Select "Divisions and Sections" on the left-hand side, and then select "ES&H".
  • From the ES&H main page, on the right-hand side, select "Training". This goes to the Employee Training page.
  • From the Employee Training page, on the left-hand side, select "Class Schedule".
  • This brings up a forms web page; fill in the form with your FNAL ID number, select Employee or Visitor as appropriate, and select the "Safety Training" category. Submit.
  • The next page will present a list of safety classes, one of which is NuMI/MINOS Underground Safety Training. Select that class link.
  • The next page will present links to the Study Material for this training, a link to the online test, and below that a list of classes currently scheduled.
  • If you are taking the online test, you may want to read through the study materials as a refresher. Then click the Go to Online Test. You will be sent a link to the test via email.
  • If you are signing up for an in-person class, scroll down through the list of class times, and click on the Enroll link in one of the offerings to sign up for that particular class. You will receive an email confirming the class you signed up for.