The Underground Area is NOT a storage Area. Space Underground is extremely limited and precautions against hazards are strict. Any equipment stored (both Underground AND on the Surface) must be approved by the Underground Coordinator, the Building Manager must be informed, and All Equipment MUST be LABELED!


A template .ppt for labeling equipment can be found here. Your Label should include the following information:

  • Experiment Name
  • Title of Equipment (optional); ie: Spare Parts, Filters, air compressor, etc.
  • Special Instructions (optional); ie:'Do Not Step On', 'Do Not Bump', 'Do Not Move', 'Do Not Unplug', etc.
  • Name of person/position Responsible for the Equipment; ie:'John Smith' or 'MINOS Run-Co'
  • Responsible Institution, if not Fermilab
  • Contact Email address
  • Contact Phone (cell, extension, pager, etc.)

Underground Storage

Each experiment is allowed only the equipment needed to run their detector and;

  • One Cabinet/Locker, for spare parts, etc.
  • One Toolbox

If you need more space we can arrange something on the surface. Always remember NOT to put things in front of entrances to the Emergency Escape passageway, or infront of transformers, these areas are marked with yellow stripes.

Flammable Restrictions:

The following items are not allowed underground:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Exposed wood, Including shipping crates and pallets
  • Foam.
  • Pink construction foam


If you have any of the items listed above you can cover them with these materials, available from the stock room:

  • Herculite, 62"wide x 75 yards
  • Polyethylene film, 20ft wide x 100ft
  • Flat white Paint, 1 Gallon can

Posters and pictures should be printed on a flame-retardant foam carried by VMS

Surface Building Storage

Space in the surface Building is limited. Please keep requests for space reasonable. If you are working in the surface building (or sending people to work there) please inform the Building Manager and Underground Coordinator. (permits are not required but this helps to keep multiple groups out of each other's way.)

If you need equipment removed, please contact the Underground Coordinator, to arrange for crane operators, or other special needs