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The MINOS Areas at Fermilab comprise the downstream portion of the NuMI tunnels and the MINOS Surface Building which provides access to the underground tunnel. These areas are named for the MINOS experiment, the first installed project and the one for which the facility was designed. The MINOS Areas are managed by the Particle Physics Division at Fermilab; the Area Coordinator is Cindy Joe.

Maps and descriptions of the areas, including the NuMI Beam, are linked in the sidebar.

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The Activities Calendar page has a link to a Google calender, and information on certain specific activites, such as Shutdowns or scheduled power outages. Information on the Stakeholders Meetings is also posted from the Activities page, with Stakeholders being the representatives from all current and upcoming projects.

The MINOS Experiment is just the first of several projects planned for installation in these areas. See Current Projects for a list. All installed detector projects, both large and small, must have a ND Operational Readiness Clearance before operation. See Safety Reviews for details.

Access to the underground areas requires specialized training, and the MINOS Surface Building is kept locked at all times. The Access tab provides the details. Work Permits are requested for activities underground, and provide a means to keep all Stakeholders informed. Tours of the underground areas can be arranged, within some constraints. Both the Work Permits and Tours tabs lead to further information on entering these requests.