MINOS Areas Activities

Near-Term : the MINOS Areas Google Calendar, below, displays current and upcoming activities such as NuMI beam shutdowns, installation of equipment, maintenance of the facilities, Stakeholders Meetings, and tours. Entries on the Calendar are partly based on submitted Work Permit and Tour requests; see those links for details.

Long-Term : the Projects approved for installation in the MINOS Areas have both long (multi-year) and short (up to 1 year) timescales. All the Projects overlap with one another at some level. Coordination between Projects during their installation and operation is a main topic discussed in the Stakeholders Meetings. See the Long Term Schedule for an overview from the present to several years in the future.

Stakeholders Meetings : are held every other Wednesday, or as needed. Representatives from each of the Projects are invited to attend, along with the ES&H ND liasion, and the directorate. Topics for discussion vary from meeting to meeting, and some meetings concentrate on a specific Project or issue. The meeting is held in the West Wing, WH10NW. Meeting reminders are sent to the minos_underground_areas@fnal.gov listserv list. Contact the Underground Coordinator if you think you should be included in the next Stakeholders Meeting or be added to the email distribution.

Meetings notes can be found in the Underground Elog. See the Work Permits list or the Tours list for details of those posted on this calendar.