MINOS Detectors Information

General Information

The Technical Design Report was created during the NuMI Project as the main proposal for the design and fabrication of the MINOS detectors. While much of this design was carried out, some details were changed during installation, and the TDR has not been updated to reflect those changes. The Detector Design Parameter Book, however, was updated to reflect what was installed for both detectors.

Installation & Operating Information

The Operations documents most pertinent as references for Shifters are found at the Control Room home page. The following links hold additional information, both current and historical.

  • The Data Quality Monitoring page holds links to plots of various parameters from both detectors, and is updated weekly.
  • Far Detector page holds historical Installation information, and current operations documentation targeted to those doing shifts at the Soudan Lab
  • Near Detector page holds historical Installation information, such as module quality maps and the location of specific modules within the detector, and current information on the hardware readout, linking strips to phototube pixels to electronics channels
  • Near Detector Hall WebCam, a live view of the Near Detector. You will need the usual password, and a Java plugin (from Sun Microsystems site) for your browser
  • Data Acquisition information and documentation
  • Minos Timeline MINOS Timeline reference plots

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