The MINOS Experiment and NuMI Beamline

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NuMI - Neutrinos at the Main Injector

The NuMI Beamline is a facility at Fermilab, near Chicago, which uses protons from the Main Injector accelerator to produce an intense beam of neutrinos which are utilized by the MINOS Experiment; the neutrino beam is directed along a line connecting the two endpoints of the experiment.

MINOS - Main Injector Neutrino Oscillation Search

The MINOS Experiment is a long-baseline neutrino experiment designed to observe the phenomena of neutrino oscillations, an effect which is related to neutrino mass. MINOS uses two detectors, one located at Fermilab, at the source of the neutrinos, and the other located 450 miles away, in northern Minnesota, at the Soudan Underground Mine State Park in Tower-Soudan.

News and Updates

Recent results from the MINOS Experiment presented by the collaboration at major conferences can be found on the Scientific Results page.