MINOS Web Guide - Site Layout

Site Re-organization

Begining late 2004, the NuMI-MINOS web site began a reorganization, to adapt the site for Experiment Operations, rather than Project Design/Construction. Mostly what this means is modifying the tree structure, both in directories and in navigation. For example, the NuMI area currently has basic sub-divisions along the lines of the Project WBS structure - beamline, target hall, hadron absorber, etc. The MINOS area has Far and Near detectors separated at a high navigation level. For both NuMI and MINOS, much of the present information involves design, fabrication and installation - very little on operations. Now that construction and installation is finished, we should re-think what information is needed for operations, and remake the pages, navigation and directory structure accordingly.

Rather than revise existing pages in existing directories, we will start with new directories and make new pages. I know that seems harder, but actually it allows us to develop the re-organized site while keeping the existing site - in effect we will have, for a little while, two parallel web sites.

The part in this site reorganization process where we decide what we need to keep versus what we can move to an archive is important - there is a lot of clutter built up within the site, and it could do with a house-cleaning. Nothing will be deleted, simply removed from the site and placed in the web archive on the NuMI-Server.

Main Sections

The material we have gets put into a few main Sections. Each of these Sections gets it's own new directory. And each of these main Sections gets a link in the navigation bar that runs along the top of the page. (what links are there NOW does not reflect all the new sections, as they haven't been created yet). That top navigation bar comes with every page created from a template. There is another navigation menu along the side, and this one is "local" to the Section - the links listed are specific to the Section/page they reside in. There's a bit more on this in the Page Design chapter of this Guide.

The Main Sections are more or less what they have been in the past - MINOS, NuMI, Public Info, etc. The "At Work" pages get renamed MINOS Experiment and NuMI Beam - because we were the NuMI Project in terms of DOE funding, a lot of people refer to us a "NuMI", when in fact what they really mean is MINOS, the experiment. This habit will likely persist for some time, but at least we can make the web pages correct. The Site Index section is the collection of index pages from the current General Documentation area. There will be a new Project Archive section, to hold stuff from internal design reviews that we want to keep posted - but much material from ancient Reviews from the period of the NuMI Project will get removed from the site, and stored in the site archive on the NuMI-Server.

An Overview Diagram (pdf), linked in the sidebar nav-menu, gives a graphical representation of the proposed re-organized site - notes on the diagram outline the intended content for each of the main Sections. There are similar diagrams for each Section, to show their proposed content in more detail. None of this is final, and comments are welcome.

Why still separate NuMI and MINOS areas? Isn't that a holdover from the Project WBS? Well, not entirely. For the present, the NuMI beamline facility serves only the MINOS Experiment. But we all know there are additional experiments being proposed. Those new experiments have their own sites. As NuMI becomes part of normal machine operations, the NuMI section may be removed from our site entirely, and become an area within the Accelerator Division web site. So, we maintain the division between NuMI and MINOS so as to make that future separation easier. Where does the Beam Monitoring fit into that scheme? Are the Hadron and Muon monitors part of the NuMI facility, or the MINOS experiment? Personally I lean toward them being part of MINOS - your comments on this and similar organizational issues are welcome.

Internal Areas

One important change is that there will no longer be a single "internal" directory for password-protected material. Instead each of the main Sections will contain it's own "internal" directory. So, NuMI protected material will be placed in Numi/internal/, MINOS protected material placed in Minos/internal, Project Archive protected material placed in ProjectArchive/internal, etc. The passwords for all of these will be the same as they are now.

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