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General Reference Documents for Accelerators

Page still under development. But please find some relevant information here.

  • Glossary of Accelerator Terms : It is a compilation of accelerator related terms in alphabetical order. Extremely helpful for anyone new entering the field.
  • Rookie Books : These rookie books provide basic knowledge of different accelerators at Fermilab.
  • Main Injector Technical Design Handbook : Learn everything about the Fermilab Main Injector.
  • Access to online logbooks for FNAL accelerators and the beam lines : For NuMI click on "Numi Beamline".
  • List of few good books on Accelerator Physics:
    1. An Introduction to the Physics of High Energy Accelerators
      by Don Edwards and Mike Syphers.
      John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

      Comment : Don Edwards is the grand old man of accelerators and is still very active at Fermilab. Mike Syphers is the head of the beam physics department at Fermilab.
    2. The Development of Colliders
      Edited by Claudio Pellegrini and Andrew M. Sessler
      American Institute of Physics

      Comment : The book is a collection of seminal papers on accelerator physics from 1952 onward. You not only learn about the history of the field in USA beginning with what used to be MURA, but also to the beginning of CERN, about the accelerators at Novosibirsk (Russia and former USSR) and Frascati (Italy), and at other laboratories in the world which pioneered this field, but you also learn about the people and machine on whose experience today's accelerator based physics is done.
      A wonderful book for fundamental knowledge of accelerator physics and knowledge of accelerator history too.
    3. Accelerator Physics
      by S. Y. Lee
      World Scientific

      Comment : Another good book.
  • AIP Conference Proceedings: USPAS Proceedings
    1. No. 127 - The Physics of Particle Accelerators (BNL, 1983)
    2. No. 153 - The Physics of Particle Accelerators (FNAL, 1984 and SLAC, 1985)
    3. No. 184 - The Physics of Particle Accelerators (Ithaca, N.Y. 1988)
    4. No. 249 - The Physics of Particle Accelerators (Upton, N.Y. 1989, 1990)

    5. Comment : You will find these in your library.

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