NC Working Group Task List

Original Task List

  1. Reconstruction software tasks:
    1. Shower reconstruction (Monte Carlo and ... CalDet):
      • algorithm(s)
      • efficiency
      • contamination
    2. Event length study (Monte Carlo and ... CalDet) - How often:
      • nc is cc
      • cc is nc
      • nc/cc is em
      • em is nc/cc
    3. Look for other observables (event classification schemes) to:
      • maximize efficiency
      • minimize contamination from CC
    4. Compare shower reconstructions for FD versus ND
    5. Study event overlaps in ND
    6. X-talk in modelling and in reconstruction
  2. II. MC Topics to review/understand:
    1. Primary Interaction/Event Generator
    2. Pending Hugh's presentation:
      • Comparisons to data?
      • Upgrades?
    3. What's in the simulation (geant: Geisha or Fluka)
    4. Shower simulation tests and Comparison to CalDet data
    5. What are the most critical MC pieces ?
  3. Longer term issues:
    1. Collect ideas for blind analysis:
      • hide beam extrapolation
      • use sub-set of ND events to tune selection
      • use other set of ND events in analysis
      • hide some fraction of FD events while tuning selection
    2. "5-year plan"
      • systematics vs statistics
      • results as a function of number of events
    3. FD versus ND calibration issues:
      • What is the hadronic/muonic/electro magnetic energy scale?

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