MINOS Neutral Current Analysis Working Group

Meeting Information

  • Meetings are held bi-weekly on Fridays at 10am (Central).
  • Mail list: minos_nc@fnal.gov
  • The Convenors are Brian Rebel, Niki Saoulidou, and Alfons Weber

Additional information at Karol's Texas Page

Original list of tasks for this Working Group

Original Charge to the analysis working groups

Neutral Current Blessed Plots

Neutral Current Blessed Plots Page

Sensitivity to old f_s

Blessed Plots for 2.46e20 POT Analysis (old)

Analysis Files Available @ FNAL

The NC working group stores the AnalysisNtuples (antp) made from the standard reconstruction ntuples on /minos/data/analysis/nc/, which is viewable from all of the MINOS cluster nodes. All data and Monte Carlo files are stored under directories labeled by software releases. The condensed ntuple, or uDST, files are also available in this directory.

Previously the files were stored on afs in the disks listed in the table below. New files will not be added to the afs directories after November 27, 2007. These afs disks are used for back-up purposes only. The back-ups listed below are snapshots of the data from July 16, 2008.

*********All of the files below are linked under $MINOS_DATA/d138/S07-07-27-R1-26/*********

AFS DiskSoftware ReleaseDetectorData Range/Type
d138Available - scripts and simlinks
d147Cedar_PhyNear,Far uDST - All data
d169Cedar_PhyNear2005-05 - 2006-11
d187Cedar_PhyNear2006-12 - 2007-07
d187Cedar_PhyFarMC, MDC, Data
d211CedarNear2005-05 - 2006-10
d228CedarNear2006-11 - 2008-04
d229Available - -
d271CedarNear2008-05 - 2008-07
d271CedarFarMC, Data

***Archives of antp files are on /pnfs/minos/nc_work/ in the appropriate release***

Meeting Agendas, Talks, Minutes

Attention As of May 1, 2007 the phone connection for meetings has changed. The new connection information is below.

Phone: 510-665-5437

Meeting ID: 8943

Attention As of November 2005, meeting agendas and materials are posted in the MINOS Documents Database, DocDB. Working Group convenors and meeting participants use these instructions to create a meeting, enter an agenda, and post materials. A meeting must be created before participants can upload their materials.

Click here to view NC & NC/CC Analysis meetings.

Past Meetings and Presentations (2005 and earlier)

See the Neutral Current Analysis Meeting Archive.

NuMI Notes of Interest

NuMI-L-272: “The Algebra of the T-Test” (public mode)

NuMI-L-481: “Low Δm2 sensitivity of the T-Test” (public mode)

NuMI-L-612: “Physics potential of the three PH2 beam designs” - contains a section on T-Test sensitivities. Includes a newer guesstimate of systematic errors. (public mode)

NuMI-L-660: “Τ to π in THESEUS” - contains an updated calculation of MINOS sensitivity in this channel. (public mode)

NuMI-L-691: “ν → νsterile in MINOS” - the analysis in detail. (public mode)

NuMI-P-875: “A Long-baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment at Fermilab” - Original MINOS proposal; spells out the T-Test algebra in gory detail. Also the source of the early systematic error estimate.

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