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Meeting Information

  • Meetings are nominally held every other Friday at 11:00am, FNAL time zone
  • The mail list for Monte Carlo is
  • Jarek Nowak coordinates the meetings

Useful Links

General Info

MC Request Page

Useful NuMI Notes/ DocDB entries

  • "Active Detector (FLS) Simulation in gminos and reco_minos", R. Hatcher, NuMI Note Number: NuMI-NOTE-SIM-0479
  • "Numbering Conventions and Coordinate Systems in gminos",Robert Hatcher,NuMI Note Number:NuMI-NOTE-SIM-0243
  • DocDB-2152, "Notes on GNuMI v18 Flux Files", A. Marino and F. Yumiceva
  • DocDB-2153, "Notes on GNuMI v19 Flux Files", A. Marino

Computing Status Pages

Meeting Agendas, Talks, Minutes

Attention As of November 2005, meeting agendas and materials are posted in the MINOS Documents Database, DocDB. Working Group convenors and meeting participants use these instructions to create a meeting, enter an agenda, and post materials. A meeting must be created before participants can upload their materials.

Click here to view Detector Monte Carlo meetings.

Past Meetings (2005 and earlier)

See the Detector Monte Carlo Meeting Archive.

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