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Title For This Page

What to put at the top of your page

First, everyone needs:
If you are not in the WebDocs/ top level dir then set the top variable to point to this dir. Ie,
<!--#set var="top" value="../" --> 
<!--#set var="top" value="../../" --> 
The trailing / is mandatory!

Then everyone needs:

<!--#set var="title" value="Title For This Page" -->
<!--#set var="contact" value="contact@email.edu" -->
And one of depending on where the file is under WebDocs/.

Some of this boiler plate exists in WebDocs/head.html.

What to put in the middle of your page.

<h2><font face= "Verdana" color="#003399">
Some section heading

Blah blah blah.  Explain explain explain.

What to put at the bottom of your page

<font size="-2">Last Modified: $Date: $</font><br>
<!--#include virtual="main-footer.html" -->
This boiler plate exists in WebDocs/tail.html. After you commit your file to CVS, the $Date: $ string will be filled with the correct value.

Turning on SSI

In order to turn on Server Side Includes you need to make your .html file "executable" via:
	chmod +x your-file.html
This gives the server the hint to parse the file instead of treating it like plain HTML.
Last Modified: $Date: 2002/08/13 19:29:51 $
Contact: contact@email.edu
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