Standard N-tuples



Standard Ntuples are those ntuples produced during production running as an end product of Standard Reconstruction.

Each Standard Ntuple file contains one or more ntuples, each in the form of a ROOT TTree.

The ntuple trees produced during production (up until R1.14) were:

These 3 ntuples have been replaced in production running with a single ntuple TTree (as of R1.14):

A brief introduction to the NtpSR/MC/TH ntuples can be found on the overview page associated with the packages holding the class data for each of the 3 ntuples. These are, respectively: A brief introduction to the Standard Ntuples was given as a talk at the June, 2005 Minos Collaboration Meeting.

Getting the Ntuple Data

The ntuple data produced in production running is stored in ntuple files ending with extension .sntp.<release>.root, and .snts.<release>.root.

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Analyzing the Ntuple Data

The standard ntuples may be analyzed in several different ways:

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