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NTuple Graphing Help

Process to graph ntuples in root. In this process I'm going to use the example file of eventsr.save.root

Graphing NTuples
1. Cd to a directory with .root files consisting of data/histograms.
2. Enter root
3. Open a browser
4. Click on current directory after making sure that it has .root files. this should be there in the left panel.
5. Click on ROOT Files in the left panel.
6. Open(double click) the folder with the root file
7. Open a folder with leaves/histograms/data files
8. Right click on the folder name and choose StartViewer . This should open a window called TreeViewer.
9. In the right panel should be 3 -empty- spaces for the X, Y, and Z parameters respectively. Here you can drag any of the leaves as parameters.
10. The -empty- next to the picture of the pair of scissors is to put cuts or limitations. Drag another parameter there if you wish.
11. If you want to make a new parameter out of the given parameters select one of the icons labeled "E()-empty-" and put in the expression made up of other parameters that you have in the right panel and give the expression a name (alias) and say done. You can drag this to be one of the X,Y, or Z parameters as well as the Cut.
12. To graph click on the graph-like figure next to the stop sign located at the bottom left had corner of the window.

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