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Implementation of frozen release creation.



Creating a frozen release involves three steps:
  1. Creating a packages-RX.Y.Z-tmp file
          cd minos/minossoft/setup
          source setup_minossoft.<EXT>
          ./mytmp <tag you want> <previous release>
    For example:
          ./mytmp R1.5.0 R1.4.0
    will create packages-R1.5.0-tmp using the old packages-R1.4.0 file. Do:
          ./mytmp --help
    for more information. You may also check on a single package with the "checkfile" script as in this example:
          ./checkfile OfflineMonitor RX-Y
          ./checkfile --help
    for more information.
  2. Creating a generic frozen release. Assuming you have already created packages-RX.Y.Z-tmp:
        ./myrel gfcreate RX-Y RX-Y-Z
    this creates a file packages-RX.Y.
  3. Creating a point frozen release
        ./myrel pfcreate RX-Y RX-Y-Z
    this creates a file packages-RX.Y.Z Do:
        ./myrel --help 
    for more information.

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