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Installation and maintenance of MINOS offline software base releases with msrt

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The program msrt provides a simple way for you to install, build and manage the MINOS offline codebase on your system. It does this by boot strapping the build and release system (SRT), as well as simplifying the periodic updating and building of the code. It operates on the so called "base" releases (development or frozen), of which a site typically has one or more central versions.

By default, msrt checks out a copy of the MINOS offline code from the main (CVS) code repository in a read-only fashion (no commit possible). You can still build, run and locally modify the code. If you want to have any changes committed then it is possible, and easy, to switch your code base to a read-write access method (see msrt migrate). You local "test" releases can have access methods independent of the base release (see SRT's cvsmigrate).

After the code is built, you can use msrt to help with routine updating and rebuilding.

Msrt can easily be adapted to other groups SRT systems

Getting msrt

There are a couple of ways to get the msrt program:
  1. Via anonymous cvs:
    cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@minoscvs.fnal.gov:/cvs/minoscvs/rep1 login
    password: anoncvs
    cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@minoscvs.fnal.gov:/cvs/minoscvs/rep1 get setup/msrt
    (setup/ is created, you can now copy msrt to some place in your PATH)

  2. Via the web: msrt

Using msrt

msrt is "self documenting" in the sense that it carries its documentation around with it. For a brief listing of what it can do simply type:
For the full documentation type:
    msrt help
Or, click on the above link.

New users should follow the 12 STEP PROGRAM section of this help output. It will walk you through what is needed to start from zero and end up with a working offline software setup.

Prepare for proxy files

If during the 12 step program you didn't create a site-wide cache for proxy resolution (step 6), do so before issuing "msrt release" or "msrt update" commands. Existing SRT installations can use the instructions for transitioning from old to new approach for handling auxillary files.

SRT_CXX issues

Although not usually necessary, it is possible to specify which GCC version one is using. Issues regarding this are discussed on this page.

Other things you can do

The above showed the basic steps to getting the "development" release installed and built. You can use msrt to do other things as well. Here is list of common things:

Other documents


Please contact me, bv@bnl.gov, with any problems, suggestions or comments.

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