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Using a "test" release with an "msrt" installation.

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Creating a "test" release

Creating a "test" release that works with an msrt installation is done in the same way as any other. See the first section of this page for details, but one simply does:
shell> cd </path/tosome/dir>
shell> newrel -t development test
shell> cd test
shell> srt_setup -a
At this point you will have a release based on the development one with no packages.

Adding packages to a "test" release

Since msrt creates a release with read only repository access, and you will want to be able to commit any change you make to your code, one adds packages to the "test" release in a slightly different manner than if the base release is read-write. You must either specify the read-write repository access method when you add any packages, or you must use SRT's "cvsmigrate" after the fact.

That is, after doing:

shell> cd </path/tosome/dir/test>
shell> srt_setup -a
you can either do:
shell> addpkg -d minoscvs@minoscvs.fnal.gov:/cvs/minoscvs/rep1 -h Package
shell> addpkg -h Package
shell> cd Package
shell> cvsmigrate -d minoscvs@minoscvs.fnal.gov:/cvs/minoscvs/rep1 -o :pserver:anonymous@minos1.fnal.gov:/cvs/minoscvs/rep1
and answer "y" to all the questions.

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