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SRT_CXX issues

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For most users, no GCC versions string is needed when doing an "msrt bootstrap" in which case the default SRT_CXX of "GCC" is used. When subsequent builds are done the "g++" executable which is first found in your "$PATH" will be used for building the code.

The only reason why an SRT_CXX value other than "GCC" would be needed is if one of the situations were true:

  1. SRT proper (SoftRelTools/) made a distinction between versions of GCC (currently it doesn't)
  2. MINOS (SRT_MINOS/) made a distinction between versions of GCC (currently it doesn't)
  3. Your local site (SRT_SITE) wanted to make a distinction between versions of GCC. (unusual).
If any of these were to apply you might want to specify a GCC version string when bootstrapping with msrt by doing the following:
  msrt bootstrap GCC_X_Y
for step number 4 in msrt's 12 Step Program.

Likely candidates for that string and comments on them are below:

If you already bootstrapped an SRT area and want to change this compiler string simply edit $SRT_DIST/srt_envrc and fix up the two SRT_CXX related variables.

Note 1: the SRT_SUBDIR is defined from SRT_CXX. After a change, you may want to look for old subdirs in the tmp/, lib/, bin/ and build-logs/ directories and remove them.

Note 2: regardless of how your source is configured you can override the value of $SRT_CXX used by msrt at any time by doing:

shell> srt_setup SRT_CXX=GCC_X_Y
shell> msrt -e <some-command>

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