Installing libsigc++

Currently the development version of libsigc++ is needed and so must be installed from source. When the production version is ready it should be available for most platforms as a native package.

Obtaining the source

A Tar file of the recommended version of the libsigc++ can be found at:
Alternatively, one can download the latest libsigc-1.2 (not the "stable" 1.0 series) from here. For pre gcc 3.0 you should be able to use any version greater or equal to 1.1.6. For gcc 3.0+ use at least 1.1.9. The current version at the time of writing is 1.1.11.

Building and Installation

  1. Unpack the .tar.gz file and cd to the resulting directory (eg. libsigc++-1.1.11/)

  2. Type:
      ./configure --prefix=$INSTALLATION
      make install
    Where $INSTALLATION is the base location for where you install other third party packages.

Setting up your run time environment

To let SRT know about the location of the installed files you need to set the environment variable SIGC_DIR to be the value of $INSTALLATION used above. Also, at run time, the library needs to be found. This is done by putting its location in LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Both of these are usually done in your setup_minossoft file with lines like:

For bash:

export SIGC_DIR=/path/to/sigc/installation

For tcsh:

setenv SIGC_DIR /path/to/sigc/installation

If you have custom main() program (ie, don't use loon)

Some people may not simply use loon but write their own main program. If you do this and also link to MINOS offline code which needs libsigc++ you must add:
include SoftRelTools/
to the end of your GNUmakefile. This will allow the necessary flags to get into the link (and compile) lines.

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Last modified: Fri May 9 16:42:56 CDT 2003