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Installing MINOS software

Installing C++ based code

Installing old FORTRAN based code

MINOS Offline Packages
Collection of links to various efforts for the Offline Software

User Manual
Postscript file


HyperNews: software discussions

HyperNews: software meetings

Offline Requirements Document
html index

Requirements documents for the offline software. Comments are welcome!

Miscellaneous tips and info

Installing C++ based code
This section has instructions on installing necessary 3rd party products as well as installing, building and contributing to the MINOS offline software. For general help with C++, OO Programming, ROOT, as well as the MINOS offline software see the MINOS OO Companion

Here are the steps to follow to get progressively more involved with the MINOS OO offline software.

    MacOSX users can short-circuit much of steps 1 and 3 by following this recipe, road-tested on George, Anatael and Brian's machines:

    1. Installation of necessary external products (including sigc++, pythia6, ROOT, subversion)

    2. Overview of a software installation

    3. Installation and maintenance of the offline software "base" releases

      Additional information:

    4. Gaining write access to the CVS code repository

    5. Using "test" releases to work on your own or others code

    Installing old FORTRAN based code

    The Labyrinth
    This section describes how to use the FORTRAN77 MINOS code. It includes information on setting it up a a new site location and some current issues/results.

    MINOS FORTRAN source library
    The source library is available for browsing. You may consult code and modules description. The underlying database is not automatically regenerated so newly added files might be missing from the list. It is last known to have been updated on 990830

    Copy of old IU pages
    This is the old documentation web for F77 based MINOS off-line software.
    These pages are (mostly) frozen circa Aug 20, 1998. They are being served here at FNAL because the IU server appears to have become unavailable in July 1999.

    Caveat: many of the pages contain out-of-date or obsolete information.

    Robert Hatcher's MINOS pages

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