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Installation of BField maps (without the LABYRINTH)


If the offline code is being installed on a machine without the old FORTRAN based Labyrinth package installed on it then the B-field maps shared by both must be installed in order to do muon momentum fitting. If the Labyrinth is installed then the normal setup for that should define the BMAPPATH environment variable that points to the appropriate place.

This additional installation step will need to be done until the offline BField package has been converted to get the map information from the database (and the database is populated).


The simplest means of getting the datafiles is to use cvs to check out a copy: $ cd some-path $ cvs -d $CVSROOT checkout bmaps

Then the only requirement is that one must define the environment variable BMAPPATH to point at some-path/bmaps. This can be done at any point before the start of the loon job; but it is probably most convenient to do it in the site setup script (usually found in $SRT_DIST/setup/setup_minossoft_site*).

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